Smoke Cessation Program for Prevention of Cancer


– Avoid body’s stressors: smoking, alcohol, coffee, addictives, chemicals, drugs, dairy products (galactose has been linked to increased risk of ovarian cancer), sugar and refined carbohydrates;
– Increase water intake;
– Increased fiber intake;
– Increase exercise;
– Avoid obesity;
– Ensure proper digestion and elimination;
– Avoid environmental stressors;
– Avoid excess alcohol and saturated fats.

Nutritional and holistic approach (dosage of supplements varies among individuals):

– Dietary advice: sulfur containing foods: garlic, onion, legumes, eggs;
– Fiber: pears, bran (not if a person has IBS / Irritable Bowel Syndrome), apple
– Cabbage family, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage;
– Artichoke, beets, carrots, dandelion, turmeric
– Supplements: Multivitamin/mineral formula (Vitamin Code is recommended)
– Antioxidants;
– Vitamin B complex, Calcium/Magnesium/Vit D;
– Vitamin C with bioflavonoids, 1-2 g/day & Vitamin E, 400 IU/day;
– Lipotropic agents (promote bile flow);
– Choline, methionine, Vitamin B6, folic acid and B12.

Liver Detoxification: Principles and Protocols

1. The first step in liver detoxification approach is to remove dietary, environmental, and lifestyle stressors (as much as possible; by stressors we mean smoking, alcohol, coffee, environmental toxins, etc.);
2. The second step is to improve the diet; avoid all liver dietary stressors, and increase intake of fruits, vegetables, legumes, fish and nuts; do not forget increased water intake; do use the foods that have been listed above;
3. Employ a very simple and effect method: lemon water cleanse. Use a glass of pure, room temperature water in which you squeeze a few drops of fresh lemon juice (lime juice is as good). Drink it first thing in the morning. Wait for 30 minutes before you eat or drink anything else. Do not take any vitamins or other pills with your lemon water, and do not squeeze the lemon in fruit juice. The reason behind this cleanse is that the liver accumulates toxins in bile overnight, and the lemon juice stimulates gall bladder contractions, allowing the bile to flow into the duodenum (start with a few drops of lemon juice only); patient/client may experience effects of detoxification.
4. Dandelion root tea greatly supports liver detoxification; dandelion leaf tea will support the kidneys detoxification. Milk thistle tea for regeneration of the liver tissue.
5. Other measures: lymphatic drainage; by rubbing the outside of the thighs (helps drainage from the large intestine); rubbing the inside of the thigh will stimulate the drainage of small intestine;
6. Epsom salts or sea salt and baking soda baths are helpful for detoxification.

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