Dr Oz Preventing Female Hair loss

The preventions and solutions for female-pattern hair loss.

In this episode of the Dr. Oz Show he discusses the major reasons why women lose their hair, and how hair loss can be both prevented and treated. Dr Oz mentioned some practices that should be avoided and the solutions for hair loss in women.

Hair Loss Prevention
The 3 styles that damage your hair the most are:

1. tight pony tail
2. using curlers
3. braiding

All these styles pull on the hair from the root and exacerbate the reasons women experience hair loss. Dr. Oz said that if you have some thicker hairs and some thinner hairs, then this is usually a sign of genetic balding in women.  Male pattern baldness in women can often be related to testosterone or diet related. Normal hair loss is between 50 to 75 strands per day; if you are losing more than this amount, it is sign that there may be an underlying condition.

The 4 most common types of female hair loss:

(a) Female pattern hair loss – this is a permanent, and often genetic, form of hair loss

(b) Telogen effluvium – this type of hair loss is temporary and occurs suddenly, most often after a significant illness, emotional stress or pregnancy.

(c) Traction alopecia – bald patches that occur due to repeated use of the above listed hairstyles.

(d) Anagen effluvium – this is the name given for a very specific type of temporary hair loss caused by chemotherapeutic drugs.

Causes of Hair Loss
1. Poor nutrition – inadequate protein and iron can cause hair loss
2. Medications – certain drugs, like those used to treat gout, arthritis and heart problems can cause hair loss
3. Diseases – like diabetes and lupus
4. Hormonal changes – pregnancy, childbirth, the discontinuation of birth control pills and menopause can all trigger some hair loss

Hair Loss Treatments
1. Lasers – stimulate the follicles of hair and grow hair with Low Level Laser Therapy
2. Minoxidil (Rogaine) – studies suggest that this over-the-counter treatment may work better for men than for women
3. Hair powder – a cost-effective and safe way to disguise hair loss

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